MCBS undertakes the logistics transportation system project of Zhejiang Jinhua Jindong District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
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In 2023 after the end of the epidemic control, it is destined to be an extraordinary year of rabbit. It is the beginning of the 20th Fourteenth Five - Year Plan for implementing the Our national party's 20th spirit.

The "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" plan clearly proposes the construction of the public health system and high - quality medical resources, including projects such as the National Medical Center.


In January 2023, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Inspection of the Epidermic Prevention and Control Funding and Effectively Strengthening the Management of Prevention and Control Fund" (Cai Office [2023] No. 5), and the "Notice" clearly states that it will further strengthen medical resources Investment in construction, focus on strengthening the construction of severe illnesses and medical resources in infectious diseases in county - level hospitals, and pay more attention on the horizontal coordination and expansion of emergency response and severe resources in rural areas.


It is foreseeable that in 2023, with the deepening of the construction of the modern public health system and the continuous expansion of medical resources, new medical infrastructure will inevitably usher in a strong recovery.




Project Introduction

Zhejiang Jinhua Jindong District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital,founded in 1950, it is a traditional Chinese medicine hospital with a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine special diagnosis and treatment systems that integrate medical care, teaching, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, and community health services.




The New campus of Zhejiang Jinhua Jindong District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is located east of Dong Second Road, Duohu Street, Jinsong District. The total investment of the new hospital area is 500 million yuan, and the number of beds is 300 beds. After the new hospital is put into use, it is a great significance to accelerate the development of traditional Chinese medicine, meet the medical needs of local residents, and accelerate urban development and the construction of Jindong New City.




The project applies track vehicle system. A total of 15 stations have been set up. Through 4 logistics shafts, the inpatient buildings and outpatient buildings are connected to form a fast transmission network,which applied a vertical and horizontal orbit. For high requirements of sending and receivin departments such as inspection section, central supply and inpatient pharmacies, they are designed as dual-track stations, which are equipped with multi-parking garage, which can easily cope with the heavy delivery task during the peak period. Through scientific path planning and design, ensure that the transmission time between all stations is controlled within 10 minutes.




Track Vehicle System

Track Vehicle System has the characteristics of flexible dispatch, less space occupation, and large load capacity. It is especially suitable for batch materials transportation in the hospital, such as drugs, infusion, inspection samples, medical consumables, treatment packages, etc. The transmission process is automated, which greatly improves the efficiency of medical care work.


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