Over 100+ stations | MCBS won the bidding of Jiangsu Nantong Medical Center rail logistics transportation system project
Date: 2023-02-22    Admin: admin

Recently, MCBS successfully won the track vehicle system project of Jiangsu Nantong Medical Center, Which has 102 stations. This move officially marks the localization of our medicall logistics transportation system have a big step forward. It is understood that this project will build a second phase in the future, which will likely become the largest track vehicle system in China.



Jiangsu Nantong Medical Center, as the new hospital campus of Nantong University Affiliated Hospital, which is positioned as a provincial medical center. The project will be completed in two phases. The first phase of the construction project covers an area of 281 acres and a total construction area of 566,000 square meters, including outpatient clinics, emergency department, medical technology department, and a 2,500 bed inpatient buildings. At present, the project has entered the interior stage, and it is expected to be completed and delivered in the middle of this year, and strive to running as soon as possible.


Persistence is the key to success!As the pioneer of the domestic medical logistics transportation system, MCBS always adheres to the product concept of "creating the most suitable logistics system that for hospitals", With the core technology of innovation towards the future, and maintaining a professional service attitude, we will strive to become the leader of the global medical logistics transmission system.

Tight time and heavy task, MCBS will use the latest capacity analysis model and combine BIM technology to promote the implementation of the track vehicle system scheme, and make every effort to help Nantong Medical Center logistics projects become a national first-class benchmark projects.


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