MCBS undertakes the construction of the logistics system for the Kazan 7th Clinical Hospital in Russian
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the Kazan 7th Clinical Hospital

The Kazan 7th Clinical Hospital is a multidisciplinary healthcare institution that provides high-quality and highly specialized medical assistance to Kazan residents. Kazan 7th Clinical Hospital is one of the largest and most equipped hospitals in the city, equipped with modern medical equipment, high-quality experts, and advanced technology in the medical field. Provide 24-hour on-site and outpatient care. Since the opening of Kazan 7th Clinical Hospital on July 7, 2013, citizens of Zarechye District (approximately 600,000 people) have been able to receive high-quality 24-hour medical assistance.


Logistics Solution

MCBS has designed 17 stations for Kazan 7th Clinical Hospital, consisting of a fan system using 110 diameter PVC pipes for transportation. Covering departments such as the laboratory, emergency department, operating room and other wards, the farthest transmission distance is only 2 minutes to deliver.


Overview of Scheme Design

With the completion of the project, an efficient automated logistics system has replaced manual labor, providing hospitals with 24-hour uninterrupted operation services. The automated rapid transportation of emergency drugs, equipment, and blood samples ,its speed is more than ten times faster than manual transfe, which is clearing the green channels between emergency rooms and operating rooms, and improving the success rate of first aid.

At the same time, medical staff are no longer busy with picking up and delivering items. On the one hand, it reduces the flow of personnel in the hospital, reduces cross infection, and on the other hand, improves the work efficiency of nurses.



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