Integrated logistics solution for smart hospital
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MCBS three-dimensional logistics transportation solution for smart hospitals(1+N model )

Transportation system of small and medium sized items as the core , used with other logistics system among the local departments to form a three-dimensional traffic

routing to meet the diverse needs of material shipment in hospital. Which to realize the high efficient flow of materials and help to imporve the quality of medical services. 


Diversified demand of modern hospital materials transportation:

1.Specific Requirement:

Most hospital supplies are light ,which are at the priority core solutions of intelligent logistics system .

2.Efficient Requirement:

①The shipment of supplies in Pharmacy , PIVAS ,Lab are delivered on a tight schedule , as well as time -sensitive need to completed with a shipment of materials among multi-inpatient wards in a very short time which is high demand for the system transportation efficiency .

②The shipment of material in Lab ,Pathology , blood bank are delivered on a urgent schedule, which is higher timeliness demand for transportation . 

3.Requirements for infection control in hospital :       

Waste disposal & laundry is also important for infection control. Different type of waste -general ,clinical and pharmaceutical -have different waste management procedures. They can not be transported in the same logistics system with cleaning materials, and the transportation  

route planning should be avoid the pedestrian . 

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