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Advance technology of MCBS helps to optimize workflows within the hospital, Improve the transport       efficiency of hospital materials.


Track Vehicle System

30KG load, 47L large capacity design, meet 

more than 90% of the hospital's material 

transportation needs, such as: large infusions,

 medicines, test samples, small and medium 

instrument sets, files, etc. The operation does 

not occupy the public area and realizes 

point-to-point transportation between departments.


Pneumatic Tube System

The transport speed is 5-8m/s, suitable for 

emergency and temporary transportation of 

small items between departments, such as 

blood samples, surgical pathological 

specimens, etc.


Vertical Conveyor Transport System

50KG load, rail-type lifting structure, can be 

expanded according to demand, stable capacity, 

horizontal transmission section does not occupy 

ground space. Departments such as drug 

warehouses, consumables warehouses, and 

disinfection supply centers can easily meet 

large-scale and heavy-weight materials.



   Waste&Laundry Transport System

    Fully realize the classification management of 

    garbage and dirty linens, equipped with face 

    recognition cameras; IC card authority management; 

    with garbage weighing function; automatic 

    identification of electronic tags on dirty linens.



Automated Guided Vehicle, suitable for the 

transportation of  large materials, such as: 

meals, large surgical instruments and         

bulk non-unpacking materials, more than

350KG load capacity.

Modern libraries require fast processing of books in order to provide satisfactory service to readers. As a global provider of integrated library logistics, we understand your needs. Whether it is a city library, a university library or a national library - we offer matching logistics solutions for every individual need. Not only improve your readers' experience environment; but also reduce stress of library staff. You will benefit from the valuable experience and excellent service brought by our mature team.


   Return & Sort

    The library logistics system can be connected 

    to different book returning equipment and

    sorting devices, which has high compatibility



Books will be transferred to the Lib-Self Loading 

trolley, or placed directly into the Lib-AutoTruck by 

librarians to transport books to their final destination 

area, Even if it needs to cross many floors or aisles, it 

can be transported lightly and quietly without 

additional secondary loading.


At the receiving point, you can also consider adding 

AGV to solve the "Last Meter" transportation problem, 

transport books directly to the bookshelf, and increase 

the efficiency of book return.


Archives and highly sensitive documents

For archives or museums that need to transport precious or encrypted documents and items, intelligent track vehicle system can fully ensure their safety. Stable, fast, and efficient transportation.

The best choice for modern production base and factory. According to different needs, SmaTruck with a load of 30 kg or the SmaTube system with a speed of 6-8m/s can be considered.

Materials can be transported efficiently and flexibly to the production point or to the operator's workstation, and our solutions can be customized according to the needs.


SmaTruck—Track Vehicle System(TVS)

Batches of food, mechanical parts, and specimenstheir transfer can be seamlessly 

connected to the loading and unloading process, not only with 30KG load capacity, 

but also with a weighing function.The carrying method and product appearance 

can be individually customized according to different requirements.

The way of loading and unloading can be customized according to the factory

site,Meet the transfer needs of every link in the production line.



  SmaTubePneumatic Tube SystemPTS

  SmaTube connects the production line and the laboratory,

  which is used for the transportation of specimens. It is fast, 

  highly protective, and easy to install. It can be adapted to

  different factory environments.The newly processed samples

  can be transported to the destination for inspection in a very

  short time.

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