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System Features

Intelligent wide container with payload 30kg.jpg


The Intelligent container is designed for loads of up to 30kg ,load capacity is 2 times than the other similar products.

Equipped with adjustable cargo retaining board ,self -leveling swivel basket ,full-sized test rack.

Lithium battery.jpg


Advance HPS2.0 Hybrid Power Double Drive 

technology,more stable and energy saving.

In case of power failure, the vehicles will automatically switch to 

“battery mode”without power interruption.

Enables a 25% lower energy consumption .

SmaTruck ,clean and without copper rail design .jpg


Innovated "No copper rail" design,traveling more silent and clean. 

No the copper rail on the track of horizontal and station,clean as new,which effectively  meets the hygiene requirements of a mordern hospital. 

The vehicle driving sound below 50 decibels, not disturb the patients' sleep when it pass through the ward.

RFID authority identification.jpg


Internet of Things, Big Data ,Artificial Intelligence which               

technology has made operation easier. 

Intelligent scheduling (call empty), scan to send, secure send, RFID/NFC of 

authority identification 

Intelligent UV Disinfection.jpg


The Intelligent disinfection for the car's interior and exterior, 

which can greatly reduces the risk of cross infection .

The body of the car adopts antibacterial ABS materials .

Every container is equipped with UV-C radiation disinfects .

The car body and shaft well,which can be equipped with the disinfecting 


Optional increase the disinfects system on the entire body of car and shaft well . 


SmaTruck Specification.jpg

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