MCBS was invited to participate in the Northwestern Medical Technology and Product Application Exchange Conference
Date: 2021-06-08    Admin: admin



      On May 28-29, 2021, MCBS was invited to participate in the "Northwestern Medical Technology and Product Application Exchange Conference" hosted by the Specialty Hospital Development Branch of the National Health Industry&Enterprise Management Association.

       This conference was held at the Shenzhou Hotel, Shanxi, with the theme of "Building an Environmentally Friendly Hospital", focusing on the definition and expansion of environmentally friendly hospitals, procurement selection, technical solutions and other tech-directions. Through 7 sections: keynote speeches, reports, and seminars, display experience, project docking, expert Q&A, and special topics have gradually and in-depth discussed the key problems of hospital construction from simple to complex, and proposed a variety of solutions.

MCBS' booth displayed a variety of logistics transportation systems and the latest solutions, and products were highly concerned and widely recognized by the guests from the participating hospitals.

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